Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekly Challenge # 176 "B.Y.O.B" Bring Your Own Beverage

The Diva (Laura Harmz) is in Washington DC so she has some guest posts lined up for us. 
This week guest is Amy from Tennessee. Her challenge for us is to B.Y.O.B.—Bring Your Own Beverage. What has this to do with Zentangle would you say.  Well for myself, I'm always careful not to spill anything on my tiles but this time we are allowed!!! We can just dip, drip, drizzle, drop, dab, sponge, spray, splatter, splash, spill, stamp, stain, pour, wipe, blot, brush, blow,on our tile. This can be coffee, Kool-Aid, cola or whatever beverage you like and... start tangling.
I used beet juice for mine.....

And this is the result:
Tangles used: Chainlea, Poke- and Root Leaves

Thank you Amy for this fun challenge!!


  1. ..and there is a novel start; any way that builds up the motivation is good. Lovely what you created, almost like mystical beets with their leaves at the top - did you have that in mind?

  2. Mooi gedaan, Kay! Ik vind het organische leuk en ok de zachte kleur erbij.

  3. Very pretty and organic. The beet juice gives a lovely colour.

  4. Wonderful! Such a pretty colour and great use of the oraganic tangles! Very nicely done!