Sunday, September 9, 2012

August Zentangle Club

My friend Hetty organized a best friends day to celebrate her 79th birthday. She is such a busy lady that she, sometimes, doesn't see a chance to see us. That's why she invited us ( 7 ladies) to celebrate her birthday at  my son-in-law Remco's Wok Restaurant: Yakimono to have a ladies night out.
But what to give your friend if she likes to give but not receive? In her invitation she had emphatically told us that she didn't want any presents. I didn't want to come empty handed. Then I got an idea what I could give her. She is a soccer fanatic and never misses a game. Her favorite team is  FC Utrecht. She attends every home game. So why not make a ZIA for her and include FC Utrecht in it!! 
The two tangles for this month Zentangle Club are Parasail and  Footlites. I decided to use them in this ZIA. After all I only used Footlites. So here is my ZIA for Hetty.

And here when she received it. She was thrilled.
Of course she gave us little presents and we were not supposed to bring anything??
  I don't think so!