Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clear Emboss Resist

Another stamp workshop last night. The technique we learned was clear emboss resist, which I had done before but it is still fun to attend and enjoy stamping together. This was the result:
The flower was stamped with  frost white ink from Color Box and clear embossed on vellum (parchment). The coloring was done on the back side with colored pencils.
Instructions about this technique can be found here on Britta Swiderski 's site.
Instead of using Versamark which Britta used in her tutorial, we used frost white from Color Box.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Swirly Curly Gift Box

Jasmina wanted to make a little giftbox yesterday and she decorated it with coiled paperstrips.

I found this in a book I have from The Kids' Craft-It Series:  "Cut-n-Paste It".
I found a similar project here.


My next Zentangle attempt got kind of carried away. I couldn't stop and it covers almost a whole A4 sheet. I'm not content with it but will show it anyway. Jasmina called it a bull.....

Friday, March 4, 2011


My latest Zentangle. I got inspired by a stamp from Terry Medaris.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Craft Fair/Handwerkbeurs

 The craft fair (handwerkbeurs) in Zwolle opened its doors again last weekend. Last year Jasmina and I went there for the first time and we had a ball attending workshops and looking at all these fabulous crafts. It makes you want to buy; but I've learnt not to be an impulse buyer so I did alright.

First project: a heart

Then quilting:

Here Jasmina learned paper piecing. We both made a label.
Paper piecing is a way of sewing through the lines on paper to do detailed block designs without any cutting of template pieces.
We had to finish them home.......
 The finished  result.
Textile Art
Next we made a small wall hanging using different fibers and tyvek.
Jasmina's creation
And last...dry felting
Jasmina made a little mouse.
Isn't he cute?

We have been so busy that time slipped by. Before we knew it was closing time, so no time to shoot some pictures of the fair but the two below.