Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sock Puppet

 Owen (4) asked me if I could help him make a sock puppet. It had to be a dog. He brought his own socks and this is what he made:

It's very easy to make and he loved it.
The rest of the afternoon he just played with his dog puppet....

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hair Clip Hanger

In the library, looking through craft books, I found this fun book: "Zelfgemaakt" , from Emma Hardy. The Dutch version of "Sewing for kids".
It has 35 adorable and fun beginner sewing projects. They don't teach sewing in school anymore so this is a great book to choose a fun project and teach it at home. Jasmina choose the hair clip hanger.

It's made of felt and tiny beads were sewn on the flowers to make the petals.
Adding colorful ribbons to hold the hairclips....
...and the only colorful buttons we could find in my button drawer...
I'm happy with it!