Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weekly Challenge #187: "String Theory- Blind String"

Back with the challenge after a 5 week hibernating period. We are in the USA right now, staying with my in-laws in South Carolina. They live in a rural area and there is nothing to do, so why not start tangling, just in time for this week's challenge. The weather is nice today, perfect to do it outside with the birdies singing in the background. Now isn't that relaxing?
This weeks challenge is to draw the string with your eyes closed. I got so happy that I forgot to make a picture from the string, but here is my entry for this week:

Tangles used: Matt, Crossroads,Kuginuki,Scraper.

Thank you for reading my post.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekly Challenge #182: "Stripes"

Just in time for this week's challenge. It was a busy week. My granddaughter Imane was staying with us for three days and she kept me busy. She likes doing crafts and because we had lots of rain those days, we stayed inside and had fun crafting.  Also  Zentangle came along. She wanted to make a heart as girls always like to draw hearts. Now didn't she do a great job for a first time tangler?

Then it was my time to do the challenge. Sometimes it is nice to do a challenge a second time. That's what we are going to do this week. It will be "stripes", vertical, horizontal, diagonal, just anyway you want to.
Since I live in the Netherlands, which is famous for the flower fields, and volunteering in our local mill, this idea came up to me.
Tangles used: Dansk, Prestwood, Riple, Lettuce Farm, Crescent moon,Cootie, Bubbles, Keeko

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weekly Challenge #180: "UMT - MacDee by Anneke Van Dam"

Missed 2 weeks of the Weekly Challenge but made it back this week. Time again for the-Use-My-Tangle-Challenge. The tangle we try out is MacDee. You can find it here . My first thought was, is this a tangle? How can I use it? But  it is a nice background tangle and I used it with Mak-Rah-Mee . 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekly Challenge 177: "Truffle by Caroline Broady, CZT"

Caroline Broady is our next guest, hosting this week challenge. She is the youngest Certified Zentangle Teacher, and a  graduate of the 11th seminar in 2013. The tangle she wants us to use is Truffle. She developed this tangle while she was at the CZT seminar where she was inspired by the wallpaper at the hotel. This is my submission: 
Tangels used are Truffle, Twisted Ribbons and Durn.

I might give it some color, will do it later.....

Monday, July 21, 2014

Owen's Birthday Cake

Time to show a birthday cake for a change. It was Owen's 8th birthday Tuesday but we celebrated it Saturday. It was a very hot day: 35º C (95º F) when I was in the kitchen making the cake that morning. No airco in the house but with the fan next to me it was comfortable to work. I had baked the (carrot)cake the day before and had frosted the layers and outside already so it was the decoration what had to be done yet. It was too warm to decorate the cake with a butter/cream cheese frosting, which I always do. It would have been too soft. I used marzipan instead. I had never made a cake with this so why not give it a try. For boys, a super hero cake is always a winner.  I made a mix of three super heroes. 
I was satisfied with the result.

Owen cutting the cake....
...while everybody is watching.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekly Challenge # 176 "B.Y.O.B" Bring Your Own Beverage

The Diva (Laura Harmz) is in Washington DC so she has some guest posts lined up for us. 
This week guest is Amy from Tennessee. Her challenge for us is to B.Y.O.B.—Bring Your Own Beverage. What has this to do with Zentangle would you say.  Well for myself, I'm always careful not to spill anything on my tiles but this time we are allowed!!! We can just dip, drip, drizzle, drop, dab, sponge, spray, splatter, splash, spill, stamp, stain, pour, wipe, blot, brush, blow,on our tile. This can be coffee, Kool-Aid, cola or whatever beverage you like and... start tangling.
I used beet juice for mine.....

And this is the result:
Tangles used: Chainlea, Poke- and Root Leaves

Thank you Amy for this fun challenge!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Purperreiger Walk Part 2

A week later we drove to Meerkerk again and walked another part of the trail, the 7 km loop. Again it was a nice warm day. 
 This time the route led us behind the windmill. 
Lazy cow
Cracked pollard willows.

On the right side is an old orchard (Rijskade) with old apple and pear varieties. It is bordered by pear trees which has been espaliered. 

This was a nice place for a break.

Lots of ducklings
"Molenkade" is the name of this path with pollard willows.
Following this path we ended up at the "Zederikkade" near the "Vlietmolen"  mill. 
Our first walk was the route with  numbers on this map. The second walk is the loop marked by letters.

All of these pictures are best viewed by clicking on them to enlarge!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weekly Challenge # 175 Crux by Henrike Bratz

 It's the first Monday of the month, that means the UMT (Use My Tangle) challenge. This time it is brought to us by Henrike Bratz. We are going to try out her tangle in the way you like it. The name of her tangle is Crux. It can be found on her blog. It can be done in different variations which I tried in this Zentangle.

 Thanks Henrike to give Crux a try!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Purperreiger Walk

Although this walk is called the "Purperreiger wandeling" (Purple heron Walk), I was not able to make  photo's of them but we will return another day and try again. I definitely need a binocular to watch the different birds in this wetland area. This area is  called the "Zouweboezem",  and is one of the most important breeding ground for many birds and it has the biggest population of purple herons in the Netherlands.  They breed in the reed beds. 
Let's start the walk: 
 Blooming Elderberry bush
 Hand-woven duck nesting basket and beautiful water lilies.
Oude Zederik canal

 The mill is occupied. Isn't this a lovely house to live in?
 A mini version
Oude Zederik
 Reed beds
This used to be a mill, it has a reed roof just like the Vlietmolen.
A break....

 ....view of reflections in front of us.

Far away we can see the TV tower of IJsselstein
We walked through a small village called Sluis, situated on the Lekdijk (Lek is the river and dijk is dike)
A few dike houses.

 This one has seen its best years, it is condemned.
View from the dike over the river Lek.
Fresh  eggs from free-range chickens for sale, I couldn't resist and bought two cartons. Money could be deposit in the little blue box. Good to see that  there are still people who have trust in others....

The neighbor had a turkey roaming around
 Walking on the other side of the Zouweboezem from where we can see the mill, we passed earlier, in the distance.
Reflections of the reed beds
Stacks of reed
You don't expect a bison here...
An old farmhouse.
 Reed roof covered with moss. I like the texture.
Chimney cap with wind indicator
An idea for your unused teapot? 
Last but not least: goats enjoying the scenery

All of these pictures are best viewed by clicking on them to enlarge!