Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekly Challenge # 168 Tangleation Nation: Rain

 Last week's challenge was  to use the official tangle pattern Rain. That was a good choice because  it rained here a lot and to be honest...I don't like rain. That must be the reason that I'm not happy with what I made, a bit depressive, but will show it anyway: 

A few days later when the sun came out of it's hiding place, I made this one. It turned out better I guess because I was in a happier mood. ;-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Craft Fair in Zwolle

We went to the craft fair in Zwolle again together with granddaughter Jasmina (11). This was our third time and it is always fun to attend workshops. Leroy stayed behind in the restaurant with his book. It is so funny to see  husbands reading books while their wives are spending money on craft supplies :-) These men have so much patience . We spent 6 hours!!!!
   Jasmina working on a purse.  
Making a felted flower.


Working on a friendship bracelet.
And then we saw these cute monkeys:

His name is Jacobus. Jasmina fell in love and wanted to make one. Well Jasmina, you need to learn how to knit first........!!!

I bought the pattern book......:
....and a few days later....taught Jasmina to knit. After three rows she began to complain..."it takes too long".. "Yes, the beginning is difficult and takes time but the more you practice the better you become Jasmina". After the fifth row she stopped; she had enough of it.....
Next: what did Mimi (grandma) do?:........I made one for her:

She was happy....

But then......all the grand kids wanted one even Quincy who is 13!!
So I got hooked on knitting.....
The results: 

Yes Quincy, I know you were a bit ashamed to pose for the picture.....;-)

Weekly Challenge #166: UMT

It's time to do a Zentangle again. I have been busy with other projects , which I will show in another post.
Last week  I decided to participate again in the "I am the Diva" challenge after a long absence . It was a UMT challenge. That means "Use My Tangle". The  challenge is to learn and use a tangle created by another Zentangler. This one was created by Laura, the Diva. Place a variety of sizes for the circles and connect them with straight lines. The tangle has no name yet...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trip USA (Part Three)

It took me a year.......... but here is finally part three:

On our way back to SC.
An odd saguaro cactus along the road.
Bridge on Interstate 210 near Lake Charles, Louisiana
Here we are on the Interstate 10 between Lafayette and Baton Rouge. It's an elevated highway i.e. bridge. This stretch of 18.2 miles (29.3 km) is known as the Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway. It goes over the Atchafalaya River and the adjacent swamps.
A stop in New Orleans at the Saint Patrick Cemetery Number two. More information about these cemeteries can be found here.
From New Orleans we drove to Eglin AFB in Florida,  where we stayed in lodging for some  days. We didn't feel like camping because the weather was cool and rainy here. When these pictures were taken it had warmed up a bit.
This lady was looking for crabs in the Choctawhatchee Bay
So was this lady 
Walking sea shells?  No there is a crab inside. 
From the state park's web page: U.S. Air Force Colonel Fred Gannon was instrumental in preserving this site with beautiful old-growth longleaf pine trees, several more than 300 years old. Rocky Bayou, the main feature of the park, is the trailing arm of Choctawhatchee Bay and is popular for boating and fishing.
Lots of Deer Moss  (Cladina Evansii) was growing under the pine trees. 
Puddin 'Head Lake
Along the shore of  the Rocky Bayou
We left Eglin AFB for our last destination: Jacksonville, Florida
Entering Jacksonville.
Since it had warmed up again we decided to tent camp at the Fam Camp Pelican Roost on Mayport Naval Station
We had a nice place under the palm trees.
With a view over the St. Johns River
There was a basketball game scheduled to celebrate Veterans Day. USS Bataan  served as the platform for the 2012 Navy-Marine Corps Classic men’s college basketball game presented by Florida Blue. University of Florida and Georgetown University were playing that evening.
Here the finished stadium on top of USS Bataan.
There were no more tickets left but the game was showed on a big screen.
Sunset over the festivities.
Before the game started there was a performance by the group "Little Big Town". Not my favorite music but we had a good evening.
 Mayport has a private beach. 
A couple enjoying the view over the Atlantic Ocean. 
A dead stingray and......
..... a dead blowfish
 St. John's River flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
Take a  dive into the ocean.....
 A tour on the USS Mesa Verde.
Osprey aircraft.
 On the bridge aboard the Mesa Verde.
A daytrip to the nation's oldest city: St. Augustine 
with a visit to Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the United States

 The old city gate from St. Augustine. Inside the city gates one finds lots of stores and restaurants. We didn't stay long: too touristy
Then, in Georgia, on our way back to SC, we noticed that fall had arrived........
Another great trip through USA.