Monday, December 12, 2011

November Zentangle Club: Christmas Card

The two tangles for Joni's November class were Verdigogh and Poke Root/Leaf. Since I follow this class from a distance, Joni told me they had made Christmas cards that afternoon; so here is my creation, this is the original.  I like to keep it black and white.
For the Christmas cards I made prints. Done some shading and added color to it.
 The prints didn't come out as clear as the original. Even though I used the highest printer quality.
Have a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Hi Geke! A beautiful design! I really like that tangle/the pine twig in the centre; you made a very special card from this. Had you saved your original image in 300 dpi or larger for the best print outcome? It's probably really testy even so when the pen is so fine. Had it only been black/white - using that option to scan, before printing, should offer a better result too. In this inst. though you did need colour of course.

  2. Thank you Carole! The pine twig in the centre is Verdigogh.
    Yes I scanned it in 300 dpi and used the black/white option, then made a print using the highest quality print. After that I shaded/colored the prints. To scan these when finished, I had to use the color option. In real the cards look better than the scan I used for this blog.

  3. Beautiful Christmas card, Geke. I love the last version with the touch of color and the red festive background. I'm sure the card recipient will be thrilled. Wishing you a very merry Christmas, Joni

  4. got it; well you did everything possible; they sure look great to me.