Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekly Challenge #45: New Tangle Punzel

I'm late finishing this week's challenge and then I noticed that I used Chainging instead of Punzel.  Well I will post it anyway and give Punzel a try later.
I made this challenge for my DH who turns 65 on November 1. I thought this tangle was perfect to create numbers with.
It's not finished yet. I think the numbers will show up more if I color it. Will do that later.
Here is the tutorial for both Chainging and Punzel.


  1. very clever; it's like a puzzle where you look at something long enough you will find .....65! I'm sure Leroy will love the time you put into making a special card for him. Happy Birthday Leroy!

  2. Really Cool! It's so intricate and intriguing!

  3. My goodness, your lines and tangles are so precise and even - gorgeous work!