Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekly Challenge #38 "Better than a Pair of Ducks"

I decided to participate in the Diva's weekly challenge. Laura Harms aka I am the Diva  started this for anyone who likes tangling, regardless of skill level.
So I thought I give it a try. This weeks challenge is to use only Paradox. Here is my first attempt in this challenge.
The next one I messed up. I had wanted to add a border around it but the Paradox didn't show well so I just colored over it  and now it shows too much black and it's uneven....
 Maria commented and gave me a hint to use a white gelly roll pen to tangle over the black border. It sure made a difference. Thank you Maria!


  1. Great tangles and I like the quirky uneven nature of the border in the second one - works well with paradox and adds a bit of soul

  2. Just a little hint.....when you put a bold border or space like this out of frustration or cover up....make lemonade! take out a white gelly roll pen and tangle over the black with a border design, little orbs in a row or stripes....anything repeating on top of the black....and it will make it so that you will never fear the unexpected, ever again. You can even go back over the white with your micron to tighten up the design if it needs it. You will love it! I use this technique all the time and it adds so much dimension, contrast and interest......have fun...never fear. M