Thursday, April 21, 2011


We are spoiled with an early spring this year. It started the end of March and untill now we have nice sunny days. Perfect for "early" morning walks in the polder near my house. The next few pictures give you an idea.
Spring time in the Netherlands means lamb time and tulip time. No glimpse of a tulip on this walk but there were plenty of lambs around.
Aren't they cute?
Mother duck with her ducklings.

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  1. Hi Geke, your area for easy access morning walks is just beautiful, so serene to be 'in the country' environs. I've never seen those black/white sheep here; do you know what kind they are? They're lovely. I'm imagining our international market outlets seeking pure-white for carpet making and suits etc. curtails the multi-colours. They'd be fabulous for the hand-spinners and weavers and knitters!