Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ironman Cake

It's Damian's 7th birthday Tuesday but we already celebrated it yesterday.
In May he, his Mom, little brother Ryan, his auntie Joyce and cousins Quincy and Owen went 2 weeks to USA to visit their (great)grandma and other relatives. There he saw Ironman for the first time and that had to be the cake for his birthday.
While googling I found an interesting cake decorating technique. It's called FBCT which stands for Frozen ButterCream Transfer. I had to try it out and this is the result:
But.........I made a "big" mistake though. It was not his 8th but 7th birthday!!!!! I did manage to correct it before the cake was cut.....

To learn more about FBCT check out this site:  or watch this video:


  1. great cake decorating Geke; I love what you did! I'm sure it was a big hit!

  2. The WONDERFUL Carole M. mentioned your photography and I enjoyed my journey thru some of your posts. Guess I will just have to keep coming back to visit...LOL!
    Jan Castle