Saturday, April 24, 2010

Batik Technique

Made some backgrounds using the batik technique. Batik is a method of dyeing fabric with wax but this technique can also be used on mulberry paper.
Instead of using wax, embossing powder and pigment ink are used.

You need:
White mulberry paper
Dye re-inkers
Rubber stamps
White (or clear) pigment ink
White (or clear) embossing powder
Plastic sheet protector (cut open)
Iron (without steam)
Heat tool
Spritzer bottle with water
Copy paper

Stamp  images with white pigment ink on  mulberry paper and emboss with white embossing powder.
Open the sheet protector and put some drops of ink on the inside of the sheet. I used three different colors.
Spritz water on the ink and also wet the Washi paper with the embossed images.
Put the Washi paper on the ink/water and close the sheet.
Blend the colors with your fingers.
Open the sheet and carefully take the paper off the ink and put it between two sheets of copy paper.
Set the iron on medium to hot setting and press about one minute. Carefully lift off the copy paper. If it sticks put the copy paper down and reheat that part again.
Your background is ready.

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