Friday, July 4, 2014

Purperreiger Walk

Although this walk is called the "Purperreiger wandeling" (Purple heron Walk), I was not able to make  photo's of them but we will return another day and try again. I definitely need a binocular to watch the different birds in this wetland area. This area is  called the "Zouweboezem",  and is one of the most important breeding ground for many birds and it has the biggest population of purple herons in the Netherlands.  They breed in the reed beds. 
Let's start the walk: 
 Blooming Elderberry bush
 Hand-woven duck nesting basket and beautiful water lilies.
Oude Zederik canal

 The mill is occupied. Isn't this a lovely house to live in?
 A mini version
Oude Zederik
 Reed beds
This used to be a mill, it has a reed roof just like the Vlietmolen.
A break....

 ....view of reflections in front of us.

Far away we can see the TV tower of IJsselstein
We walked through a small village called Sluis, situated on the Lekdijk (Lek is the river and dijk is dike)
A few dike houses.

 This one has seen its best years, it is condemned.
View from the dike over the river Lek.
Fresh  eggs from free-range chickens for sale, I couldn't resist and bought two cartons. Money could be deposit in the little blue box. Good to see that  there are still people who have trust in others....

The neighbor had a turkey roaming around
 Walking on the other side of the Zouweboezem from where we can see the mill, we passed earlier, in the distance.
Reflections of the reed beds
Stacks of reed
You don't expect a bison here...
An old farmhouse.
 Reed roof covered with moss. I like the texture.
Chimney cap with wind indicator
An idea for your unused teapot? 
Last but not least: goats enjoying the scenery

All of these pictures are best viewed by clicking on them to enlarge!


  1. Hi Kay; I so enjoyed seeing this new series from you (glad you're blogging again too). So many photos of interest; the hand-woven duck nesting basket over the waterlily pond for instance. Would the ducks actually use it? I'm suspecting it was created for a visual impact only/surely. And it does make for a lovely photo too. The occupied mill; I'd love to see inside; I'd love to hear the story of who lives in there. Aren't I inquisitive? The teapot/birdhouse, very creative. And funny to see the goats out on the wooden planks - what are those planks used for ... what a view they have! Cheers

  2. Leuk dat je op deze manier een mooi stukje van ons land laat zien! Dank voor je commentaar op mijn blog.