Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Purperreiger Walk Part 2

A week later we drove to Meerkerk again and walked another part of the trail, the 7 km loop. Again it was a nice warm day. 
 This time the route led us behind the windmill. 
Lazy cow
Cracked pollard willows.

On the right side is an old orchard (Rijskade) with old apple and pear varieties. It is bordered by pear trees which has been espaliered. 

This was a nice place for a break.

Lots of ducklings
"Molenkade" is the name of this path with pollard willows.
Following this path we ended up at the "Zederikkade" near the "Vlietmolen"  mill. 
Our first walk was the route with  numbers on this map. The second walk is the loop marked by letters.

All of these pictures are best viewed by clicking on them to enlarge!

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  1. Kay I love the way the farmers mannicure their trees so neat. The willows must be ancient to have deteriorated like that? It's just SO green in your photos and the walks look relatively easy/flat that is. You can walk without having to watch your footing so much and enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Beautiful - loved the geese/goslings ....