Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekly Challenge #48: String Theory v. VII: "Tri-Shapes"

This week is a guest challenge presented by Sue Clark.
For the string we had to use the basic shapes: triangle, square and circle. We should use tangles we haven't done before, so I tried: Ripple, Canard, Bateek, Bilt, Poke leaf and Daggerly. I chose them from TanglePatterns.


  1. I quite like the long tubular design with the curliques added (and stripes); it's kind-a 'quirky'. This has turned into a really interesting tangle.

  2. Love this! I really like how you strung all the shapes together!

  3. It's kind of 'cat in the hat' looking with the striped element going through holes and winding throughout! Really fun!