Friday, April 1, 2011

Chocolate Candy Workshop

Have you ever attended a chocolate candy workshop? That's what I did Sunday and it was so fun and yummy!!! There were five of us. We were welcomed by Corrie in her home with tea and the most delicious chocolate candy.
Now these chocolates are all handmade.

Let's start ........

Before we started she explained how chocolate is made. To make chocolate candy, the chocolate needs to be tempered. Tempering is a process where the chocolate is melted to 88 degrees F and held at that temperature while it is stirred. This will melt the cocoa butter crystals that have formed in it to make it rich, creamy, shiny and easier to work with. The chocolate may be mixed at that point with fillings, such as nuts, creams or caramel. It is placed into molds where it is allowed to cool and harden. Couverture chocolate is mostly  used for this.

As you can see on the picture there were three type of chocolate to choose from, milk, dark and white.The tiny cups were already made by Corrie, so were the fillings (this is another workshop) We only had to fill and decorate them.
These two have a cream filling. Two other fillings we could choose from were chocolate and nut/caramel.

We made decorations.

Besides the tiny chocolate cups, we were given three pieces of candy: caramel, chocolate fudge and marzepan. We dipped them into the chocolate for a coating and decorated them.
The red cups you see where filled with a mixture of nuts and handmade fudge pieces. We added chocolate to it, stirred and dropped spoonfuls on the baking paper and they became clusters. Adding sprinkles as a finishing touch.

Aren't they YUMMY looking?????

Last but not least we made another candy. Just dropped a spoonful of chocolate on the baking paper, shaked the paper a bit and it became an oval or round candy. Drizzled some circles over it and made the web pattern by using a wooden toothpick dragging from the center to the outside edge. For the flower design drag the toothpick from the edge to center.

Ready to be taken home........


......hey..where did all the chocolate go????......

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  1. Geke hi! Great pics to share your chocolate class. That sure sounds like a fun outing. I would've enjoyed sharing it with you.