Friday, February 25, 2011


What  better way to get inspired and recharge the creative soul (after 6 months visiting and caring for my friend who passed away January 19) than to see the beautiful art from other friends' blogs. It was Carole who got me interested in Zentangle. I had seen this before and my thought like usual: "I'll try it one day", adding the link to my favorites and forgetting about it until....I saw Carole's creations and how enthusiastic she was. She was the one who gave me a push to give it a try. Lucky her that her birthday was around the corner so I made my first Zentangle into a birthday card for her.

Zentangles are doodles that are created using black ink pens and are meant for relaxation or meditation while creating a design. You don't have to be a professional artist to do this. Everybody can do it. This link will bring you to many tangle patterns to try out. It's a wonderful site to learn how to Zentangle.

Here is my second one:

Like I said earlier, everybody can do it. I got my granddaughter Jasmina (9) interested too and Monday afternoon we tangled together. I downloaded a  Zentangle fill pattern sheet  for her where she could tangle her heart out. This was the result:

Then she started on her Zentangle, which she hasn't finished yet.
I think she did a wonderful job. Sunday I take her to the annual craft fair in Zwolle and participate in some workshops.


  1. Geke your Zentangling makes a delightful new blog post. I am equally delighted that I was the lucky recipient of your very first zentangle ... I don't know how you could part with it!

    Now to you Jasmina; what a surprise package you are. I love your photo and the little Valentine's day boxes you made for your Mum are fabulous.

    So too, your zentangle you've done; it's just beautiful; I can't believe you're only seven and zentangling like that! Well done. Now you'll have to show your friends and maybe they'll want to try it too.

    I look forward to seeing your sweet heart finished; be sure to post it here.

  2. ...ooops my earlier comment I did make a mistake with your age Jasmina; I see you're nine. That's still so young for such great art in your Zentangling.

  3. Dank je wel dat u het zo leuk vond. Als mijn hartje klaar is, laat ik het weer zien.
    (Thank you that you liked it. When my heart is finished I will show it again)
    Groetjes, Jasmina