Friday, April 30, 2010

Walk Sint Geertruid

The weather is perfect for walks here lately, so I used another railway day card ticket to go to Sint Geertruid in the province of Limburg, last Sunday. A two hour ride by train plus 20 minutes busride.
This time of the year nature is at it's  most beautiful. While I saw many spring flowers  in my last walk, in this one the (fruit)trees were in full bloom.

I will follow the 15 km ...
I love to walk these narrow country paths meandering through the fields..
fruit orchard
Pear blossoms
How can I get rid of these flies?
Typical farm for this area.
Let's see....which route shall I follow....
St. Geertrudis Curch of Sint Geertruid
More pictures of this walk can be seen at

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