Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shopper SewAlong

We all know how terrible plastic bags are  for the environment.  In the Netherlands Dutch shops are banned from giving away free plastic bags to their customers starting January 1, 2016. Plastic bags are still available but you pay for it. I wonder if this will limit the use of these bags. For me, I always bring my own shopper.
I follow the blog byMiekk  and she organized a Shopper Sewalong to make a good start into the new year:  using our own hand sewed shopper.
The tutorial is in Dutch but it is easy to follow. 
In the tutorial canvas is used, but jeans works too. Since I didn't have any of these in my drawers I used a lighter weight fabric. This can be fold up small 
and it's easier to stash in my purse if I need it, since I will not be using this one for grocery shopping.
I found this fabric
And started..
Because I sewed in the evening I wasn't able to make good pictures but in the is my shopper.

 Not my own design but don't have name labels yet.

 Ready to take to the store!

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