Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Craft Fair in Zwolle

We went to the craft fair in Zwolle again together with granddaughter Jasmina (11). This was our third time and it is always fun to attend workshops. Leroy stayed behind in the restaurant with his book. It is so funny to see  husbands reading books while their wives are spending money on craft supplies :-) These men have so much patience . We spent 6 hours!!!!
   Jasmina working on a purse.  
Making a felted flower.


Working on a friendship bracelet.
And then we saw these cute monkeys:

His name is Jacobus. Jasmina fell in love and wanted to make one. Well Jasmina, you need to learn how to knit first........!!!

I bought the pattern book......:
....and a few days later....taught Jasmina to knit. After three rows she began to complain..."it takes too long".. "Yes, the beginning is difficult and takes time but the more you practice the better you become Jasmina". After the fifth row she stopped; she had enough of it.....
Next: what did Mimi (grandma) do?:........I made one for her:

She was happy....

But then......all the grand kids wanted one even Quincy who is 13!!
So I got hooked on knitting.....
The results: 

Yes Quincy, I know you were a bit ashamed to pose for the picture.....;-)

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  1. well done Jasmina; I love your bag and felted flower, and that Monkey is fantastic. Well done Geke; I think they're fabulous (they don't look easy with all the shaping in the face!).