Monday, July 30, 2012

July Zentangle Club

Just finished the Zentangles for July. Again two fun tangles to try: Floatfest and Yuan.

Tangles Used:
Floatfest, Rockz, Pais, Zedbra and Hibred.

Tangles used:
Yuan, Vortex, Prestwood, Ogen, Eylet & Ribbon and Assunta.


  1. intruiging patterns; sure you enjoyed working with these two tangles Geke; just lovely. They look quite dark, are you using a Micron pen 01 or other?

  2. Thank you Carole. The first one I used a 0.5 Uni Pn pen from Mitsubishi (no not the car brand LOL)The second one a Micron 05 pen. I'm out of Micron 01 pens at the moment and they are hard to find overhere, so I'm using what I have at the moment.

  3. Nice work Geke, really great job on floatfest and yuan. It looks like you are all caught up on your Zentangle Club projects. If you can't find Micron 01 pens, perhaps the Sharpie ultra fine pens are available.