Sunday, February 19, 2012

December/January Club Zentangle

It took awhile before I finished  the December/January contributions to Joni's Zentangle Club but now I can finally show them.
For January we had to use Finery and Umble.
Finery is not my favorite although it is a beautiful tangle. I just need more practise to get a better result. Other tangles I used: Chic, Flutter Tile, Kuginuki and Lacy.
Here I used Umble and also Ballot, Kuginuki, Emilie, Pokeleaf/root and Matt
 I  made a birthday card (Happy Birthday Carole!!) out of this one and added some colour to the Pokeleaves.
For January the tangles to use were: Squid......

Other tangles I used here are Tagh, Feathers and similar ones.

.......and Printemps:

I also tried Brayd but I think it looks a bit funny...  


  1. Nice work Geke! You have perfected Finery and Umble! Looks like you are making good use of your zentangles doing birthday cards!