Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zentangle class

When I arrived in USA, my next day was already planned. I was going to attend Joni Feddersen's Zentangle class.  She is the first certified Zentangle teacher in SC and she  lives only 25 miles away from my in-laws. Lucky me!!!! It was the introduction to Zentangle class. It was so much fun. We learned eight tangles.
These were the results
What I love about this is that we used the same tangles, same instructions but every tile looks different.
Tipple, Florz, Rockz and Crescent Moon:
Bales, Cadent, Zander and Hollibaugh:
Joni was so nice to make time, for Lisa and me, to teach the beyond basics class in the last week of my stay. We learned some other fun tangles:
Flukes, Nipa, Drupe, W2, Vortex, Paradox, Pepeer, Cubine, Ixorus and Knights Bridge
I have made Zentangle inspired art at home but taking this class one can learn so much more and now I could ask questions. Also learning how to shade I found very helpful. Thank you Joni for the two great classes, might see me again next year!
Joni's art can be seen here: you see her necklace?'s Zentangle too... 

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  1. It was a lot of fun having you in my class, I do hope you get by here again next summer. Thanks for sharing the pictures you took in the class.