Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clear Emboss Resist

Another stamp workshop last night. The technique we learned was clear emboss resist, which I had done before but it is still fun to attend and enjoy stamping together. This was the result:
The flower was stamped with  frost white ink from Color Box and clear embossed on vellum (parchment). The coloring was done on the back side with colored pencils.
Instructions about this technique can be found here on Britta Swiderski 's site.
Instead of using Versamark which Britta used in her tutorial, we used frost white from Color Box.


  1. Geke each of your cards are beautiful; the stamps are yours, or from the workshop? LOVELY stamps! Great colours and layering; looks to be a very successful workshop Geke.

  2. I wish the stamps were mine!! They are from Corine, the lady who gives the workshops.
    Thank you for the nice comments you always give to my posts Carole.