Monday, May 17, 2010

Four day weekend Germany

Last weekend we spent a long weekend in Germany. We rented a "Ferienwohnung" in Schönenberg-Kügelberg from a very warm and hospitable couple Ilona and Josef Schneider. They live in an old farmhouse which they have turned into 4 apartments. One of them as a vacation home where we stayed in.

One of the main purpose of going to Germany was to attend Volksmarches which are held on Saturday and Sunday. (If you don't know what aVolksmarch is, this link will explain it:
The one on Saturday was organized by the Ramstein Roadrunners, an American-German Volksmarching club. It was a beautiful day to walk and the 20 km route we walked was one with beautiful views. Lots of yellow rapeseed fields.

Next day we went to Landsweiler-Reden but because it had rained all night and in the morning, the trails were very muddy.
Because the route went mainly through woods, we made our choice quick and choose for  the 10km. I don't mind walking through woods but not for 20 km over muddy trails. Also, I like a variety of views. The only interesting thing we saw on this walk was an ant hill. They were so busy at work!!

Poor lady-bug.......

When we were back in our apartment, Josef came by and brought us four pieces of delicious "Torte" (cake).
 Kaiserslautern was on our program for Monday.The weather was great to  take a stroll through the Japanese Garden. We were told that the end of May and June the garden will be at its most beautiful. We were a bit too early to find more flowers in bloom.
Tuesday we left and the weather turned out a lot cooler. It was raining all the way back to Holland....

I can recommend this vacation apartment to anybody and have posted their website if interested:

More pictures can be found here.

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